Perfect Packed Lunch - Closing date 28 April

30 March 2017

Your chance to display work in a top gallery

Primary school children have the chance to view their creative writing and artwork on display at The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, in Canterbury, by entering the Perfect Packed Lunch Awards.

Children must devise either a genuine or imaginary packed lunch or then draw a picture of their meal and think through what makes it special.

Every entry will be turned into an online recipe card displaying the work of the child entrant. Judges will pick the winners to invite to an awards ceremony at the prestigious Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, Canterbury, where their work will go on display. The awards celebration has a fundraising element with additional seats at the event available to purchase and a fundraising raffle staged. Income raised supports literacy projects in the region.

How to take part

  • First, think of a category.  Who is your Perfect Packed Lunch for? Categories are:  Superhero, Princess, Pirate Captain, Famous Artist, Knight, Book Character, Celebrity, Healthy, Cheesy, Fantasy, Fairytale, Historic.
  • Next draw or paint a landscape picture of your Perfect Packed Lunch.
  • Now write the method you would use to prepare this real or imaginary meal.
  • Then think of the ‘ingredients’ you would need. List them including the weight or quantity.
  • Next write down why your Perfect Packed Lunch is the best. Think of a statement that helps ‘sell’ your meal – this creative writing will appear at the top of the child’s online recipe page.
  • Once you have everything prepared a grown-up will need to scan your landscape painting or picture. It should be turned into a jpeg image that is between 1mb and 3mb in size. Monkton CEP School will help with this.

When you have the image and text ready you need to visit the website to submit your entry.

Copy or cut and paste the information you have prepared on to the online entry page and click the browse button to upload your images.

Once staff at the KM Charity Team has assessed the entry it will be published as an online recipe card and the grown-up in charge of your entry will receive an email to let you know it is published.

The deadline to enter is noon on Friday 28th April, and the awards event will be held on Friday 9th June.                                


WHY NOT ENTER? It looks fun!