Our Staff

We aim to create a community that enables every child to be and do the best they can. We will actively promote the development of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness, fostering attitudes of tolerance and respect which ensures every member of the school community feels important and valued. In school we celebrate and promote our Christian and British values.

Headteacher -Ms J Kennett DCPC


Assistant Headteacher - Mrs K Wilson DCPC 


Business Manager - Mrs F Webb

Early Years Foundation Stage

Mrs J Guilder -  Bee Class (1) Teacher (Maternity Leave)
Mrs J Pritchard -  Bee Class (1) (Maternity Cover)
Mrs H Jewell - Class 1 Teaching Assistant, Midday Meals Assistant


Key Stage 1

Miss C Buck - Dragonfly Class (2) Teacher
Mrs A Osgood - Dragonfly Class (2) Teaching Assistant, Midday Meals Assistant


Key Stage 2 

Miss H Szwedowski - Ladybird Class (3) Teacher
Miss L Corfmat -  Ladybird Class (3) Teaching Assistant, Midday Meal Assistant
Mrs C Ollason (part time) -  Butterfly Class (4) Teacher
Miss S Jenks - Butterfly Class (4) Teaching Assistant, Midday Meals Assistant
Mrs  S Williams (part time) - Butterfly Class (4) Teacher




Mrs J Mitchell - Caterlink Cook
Mrs S Adams - Caterlink Catering Assistant
Midday Meals Assistant - Miss J Leach



Mr P O’Leary - Cleaner in Charge
Mrs K Pilcher - Metro Cleaner
Mrs S McClean - Metro Cleaner


Road Crossing Patrol

Mrs K Pilcher


Subject Leads

English - C Ollason      
Maths - J Guilder
Science - K Wilson
Computing - J Guilder
PE  - J Kennett
RE & Collective Worship - J Kennett

Art - S Williams

Modern Foreign Languages - C Buck

Geography & History  - J Kennett