Character Education

Character Education is the wider personal development of a child beyond the academic education they receive in school. It aims to instil in pupils a number of key characteristics and values such as resilience, honesty, motivation and humility, all of which will help them in their adult lives.

Children will develop care and respect for themselves and others through Character Education. This important part of education is all about equipping children with skills that will set them up for successful adult lives.

Character Education and Cultural Capital

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40 Things to do Before Year 7

In 2022, we started an initiative to create 40 tasks that the children could take part in before they go to secondary school. Parents and children were given the opportunity to suggest tasks that they feel their children should have the opportunity to experience whilst at Monkton Church of England Primary School.

We wanted activities that combined experiencing the natural world and gaining new viewpoints with taking part in other pursuits that help build character and cultural capital as well as helping others. I think we've achieved just the right balance. See for yourself. 

Every child, on their first day at Monkton, will receive a specially printed '40 Things To Do Before Year 7' grid. Children tick off an experience from the grid once they have completed it or taken part in it. It's great fun! Below is also a downloadable sheet, if you'd like to print any extras for the rest of your family!

40 Things to do before Year 7

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