Compassion, Courage, Justice

Jesus said, "Go and do the same."


At Monkton School, we believe that all children should be enabled to express themselves through the arts. It is our intention to provide high quality experiences, that expose children to a broad spectrum of artists, architecture, design and craft.

Our dynamic curriculum engages, inspires and challenges pupils, allowing them to feel confident as artists and giving them the skills and tools to express their individuality.

As part of our strong cross-curricular links, children will understand how art and design is both a reflection of society, but is also instrumental in shaping and driving forward our community, nation and the wider world.


Art and design lessons are planned to explore key ideas from Reception through to Year 6. Humankind, Creativity, Materials, Nature, Place and Space, Comparison, and Significance are explored through projects. These projects often make direct links to the topic work being studied in class.

A vast range of skills are developed and built upon, including; the generation of ideas, the ability to evaluate (both their own work and that of others), the ability to compare and contrast pieces of art, and the study of significant people, artworks and movements.

Sketchbooks are introduced in Year 1, and these follow the children through the school, allowing the opportunity to draw on past experiences. Children are able to explore using malleable materials, paper and fabric, paint, printing, pencil, ink, charcoal and pen. There is scope for the children to work in both 2D and 3D.

Regular exhibition opportunities allow the children to share their work with the wider school community. The children are encouraged to be curators of their own work, expressing their vision to visitors.

Curriculum weeks throughout the school year allow the children to celebrate artists, artworks and art movements that have important roles in our society. They are supported to make links between art, music, literature and other cultural aspects.

Clubs, competitions and the celebration of work completed outside of school, allows children to pursue their passions, develop their skills and immerse themselves in an activity that allows all children to achieve.


A Monkton child will feel confident in expressing themselves through creativity. They will know that their interpretation of a piece can be different and they will be able to articulate what an artwork means to them (both their own and pieces produced by others). Our children will know that they are artists and will have a sense of pride in their creations. Art will provide a safe, free environment for all children to explore their emotions, values and understanding of the world.

2023-2024 Art and Design Skills and Knowledge Progression Cycle A

2022 - 2023 Art and Design Skills and Progression Cycle B