Mindful Monkton


To promote well-being and spirituality throughout the school, we have incorporated mindful activities into each school day. These activities can be anything that promotes our 5 areas of spirituality (self-awareness, creativity, reflection, imagination and empathy).

Please see below for a list of current activities that each class takes part in:


Types of Mindful activities


  1. Yoga
  2. Mindful colouring
  3. Daily gratitude
  4. Nature Walk
  5. Daily mile exercise
  6. Learn about the world
  7. Guided meditation
  8. Listening to music


The expectation is that children will complete the daily mile exercise 3 x weekly and then 2 other mindful activities to complete one activity per day.


Walking Through Doors Club


As part of our after-school offer, children in Years 3-6 are invited to attend a ‘Walking Through Doors’ Club aimed at giving something back to the school, local and global community. The children run events and charity stalls to raise money for a variety of worthwhile causes.