If your child is unwell, please keep them at home, as school is a busy and lively place. Your child shares their teacher with many other children and it is not easy for a teacher to find the time to nurse a sick child. We do not have the facilities for nursing sick children. If your child becomes ill during the school day, we will contact you, so that you can take them home. Certain illnesses may require a short period of exclusion from school to prevent the condition spreading. Your doctor should advise you of this but if you are in any doubt please seek advice from the Business Manager.

Infectious Diseases

The following information has been taken from Health Protection Agency. It is necessary that children suffering from Infectious Diseases be excluded from school for the period stated. If your child returns before the minimal period of exclusion has concluded, your child will be sent home.

Disease Minimal Period of Exclusion

Chickenpox 5 days from onset of rash

Diphtheria When the child is cleared by doctor

Food Poisoning 48 hours after symptom free

German measles 5 days from onset of rash

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease Until well

Measles 5 days from onset of rash

Scarlet Fever 24 hours after starting antibiotics

Whooping Cough 5 days after start of treatment or 21 days from onset of cough if not treated

Mumps 5 days after onset of swelling

Impetigo Until treatment is established and lesions are crusted and dry

Head Lice No exclusion if treated

Diarrhoea & Sickness 48 hours since last episode

Head Lice

Head Lice are widespread in the entire population and not just restricted to educational establishments. Please would you check your child/children’s heads on a weekly basis. Follow the detection combing instructions on the leaflets previously provided by us. This advice can also be found on the NHS Choices Website:



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