We are excited to welcome  you to Class 1.  We are looking forward to you enjoying your playing, exploring and learning with us.



Term 1

We have had a great first term at school. We have made lots of friends and have enjoyed getting to know our teachers.  We have particularly enjoyed playing with the trains, dinosaurs and in our roleplay corner. We are so excited that it has been turned into a veterinary surgery from a house, ready for next term.

We have been using sand, water, playdough and many more things to help us learn all our sounds in a fun way. We are so proud of all the sounds we now know and are working so hard with our blending.

Lunchtime is a great time in our classroom. We are learning all about table manners, how to cut our food and the social skills which come with eating. If we are lucky, one of our teachers will read us a story while we eat.

We are really looking forward to  this term (Term 2) when our topic will be ‘Why do squirrels hide their nuts?’ We will be going outside a lot with this one! After that we will be learning all about Christmas and baby Jesus. We can’t wait!

Your Class Teachers are:

Mrs Pritchard

Mrs Bax


Your Teaching Assistants  are:

Mrs O'Neill







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