Welcome to Class 4


This week we have looked at Adverts and Slogans linked to our Blood Heart Topic through an Anti-Smoking Campaign. "Smokers are Jokers" and "Jingle bells, Smoking Smells" were two of my favourites. Maths has seen us focus on Adding and Subtracting fractions, Multiplying fractions and word problems. The children have all, everyone of them, worked fantastically on this and I am super proud of their books this week. So, should they be. In Science we started classifying animals. RE we interviewed Mary and Joseph after the big event. 

I cannot say enough how enjoyable working in class 4 has been this past week. My thanks to Mrs Horton and Mrs Webb for their monumental efforts, but also my thanks to the children for their hard work, and efforts. Well done to those who got certificates at today’s assembly, very much deserved.  


Your Class Teacher is:



Mr Pasola


Your Teaching Assistant is:



Mrs Horton

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