School values and Bible verse

Monkton Church of England is a Church school, which means that the values we live out in school arise from our faith in the person and story of Jesus Christ.

Our Christian values of  trust, friendship, compassion, justice and forgiveness inform every aspect of our school community life, and are embedded in all our policies.

We try to ensure our worship is presented in an inclusive manner that is relevant to children and their daily lives. Our aim is to ensure that the activities included provide opportunities to develop ‘spiritually’ whilst ensuring that children and staff of other faiths or who do not hold a religious belief are able to participate in a manner in which they feel comfortable.  Worship embeds our Christian values and ensures that the Christian ethos is maintained.

Collective Worship

“We aim to create a community that enables every child to be and do the best they can.

We will actively promote the development of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness, fostering attitudes of tolerance and respect which ensures every member of the school community feels important and valued.

In school we celebrate and promote our Christian and British values.”

Our Christian Values are:

Trust, FriendshipCompassion, Forgiveness, Justice

Trust – The parable of the sower

Friendship – The parable of the persistent Friend at Night

Compassion – The parable of the Good Samaritan

Forgiveness – The parable of the Prodigal son

Justice  The parable of the sheep and the goats
At Monkton Church of England (Controlled) Primary School, the daily act of Collective Worship is viewed as an integral and important part of school life. Through this and in the general ethos of the school we seek to promote our Mission Statement.

Collective Worship is a time where the school community, from a range of backgrounds, beliefs and ages, meets together. Worship in the school is based on promoting the Christian values which permeate the ethos of the school. However children and adults from a range of beliefs and none are welcome to take this opportunity to reflect, sing, listen and celebrate as a school community. As such, the contributions of staff, pupils, church clergy, parents, carers and other visitors are valued highly.

Worship is led by children, staff, governors and representatives of the clergy. At the beginning of a week the theme is introduced. Our themes for Collective Worship are taken from Collective Worship planning materials for Rochester and Canterbury Dioceses; these are provided on a 3 year rolling programme.

  Anglican Inspection Report 2016


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